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Client Side

extract the location client-side with EXIF-JS

RPi side

Lets set up our map server with local cached image files

  1. install Nginx
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install nginx
sudo service nginx start

  1. Make a link to /var/www to make things easier
sudo ln -s /var/www /home/USER/code

(# now set up PHP with fastCGI) (# set up mapserv) (# add mapserv to cache)

  1. set up AP with udhcpd
  1. edimax version of hostapd

(# captive portal setup!!) (# but with iptables command from here, since the others are broken)

  1. Set up interface for serving DHCP and DNS
auto eth0
iface eth0 inet static

  1. Install dnsmasq "sudo apt-get install dnsmasq" and configure
# captive portal to this

  1. restart dnsmasq
sudo /etc/init.d/dnsmasq restart

  1. dnsmarsq script logging...
Logging dhcp.png

ended up using dnsmasq for DNS and DHCP. Setting DNS forward IP to local for captive portal setup

some popup mehods

For Online

beautiful Stamen Design map that can be used

Map example1.png
Map example2.png